For Her

What makes a female face beautiful? The answer to this question is not simple(!) and one could dive into a plethora of tomes dedicated to this topic. A key point is that there is significant global variation in the perception of beauty. At Aestheticology, we have an understanding of client requests placed in their cultural context and as such provide a tailored service to ensure we make your vision happen.
Common beautification treatments in younger clients include high cheek-bones, a defined jawline and shaped plump lips using dermal fillers.
Filler treatment in slightly older clients may focus on a little more volume in the cheeks, temples and softening of lines around the mouth and nose.

Treatments common to both groups include using dermal filler to help lessen the hollows that can form under the eyes and Botox® to soften lines in the upper face.

It is through using this holistic approach to aesthetics and our thorough consultation, that we achieve the highest patient satisfaction levels.
Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for us it is you that holds the mirror.

Whatever your aesthetic needs are, after a thorough consultation with Dr Lally we are sure we can help you improve your appearance to enable you to be the best you.